Lisa M. Onishi, PhD

Dr. Lisa Onishi became involved in her profession because she believed that being an engineer would permit her to use an applicable, practical form of science. Additionally, she liked chemistry and the idea that she could make an impact with her work. What has ensued is a career-driven by passion with an emphasis on solving some of the modern world’s most pressing engineering quandaries. The highlight of Dr. Onishi’s career thus far has been resolving a 104-year-old thermodynamic paradox called Schroeder’s paradox. In 2011, along with John M. Prausnitz and John Newman, Dr. Onishi published “Water-Nafon Equilibria. Absence of Schroeder’s Paradox” in the Journal of Physical Chemistry. As summarized in the paper, the studies and previous results suggest that Schroeder’s paradox is resolved when attention is given to the thermal history of the absorbing polymer.

Since 2010, Dr. Onishi has provided her skills and expertise as a senior process engineer for Intel. Prior to this role, she worked as an engineer for UTC Fuel Cells. She initially followed her dreams of becoming an engineer at the University of Washington, earning a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering in 2000. She later received a PhD in chemical engineering at the University of California Berkeley in 2009. Dr. Onishi has been recognized on numerous occasions for her contributions to the field. In 2002, her poster was recognized with the Most Popular Poster Presentation Award at the Golden Research Conference. That same year, she received an Outstanding Performance Award as well. Dr. Onishi is the recipient of an award from the Golden Key International Honor Society and an Achievement Award from UTC Fuel Cells, which she received in 2003. She served as a committee member for the United Way in conjunction with UTC Fuel Cells from 2001 to 2002.


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